Matt's Cookies

Ridiculously Good

Since 1979, our mission has always been to make the best tasting cookie around. That’s why we do things a little bit different than the big guys.

It might be a simple recipe – use only real stuff and bake it with care – but the result is anything but simple. It’s ridiculously delicious.

Good Health

Positively Snackable!

Since 1994, our mission at Good Health® has been to provide tasty, innovative snacks that you crave by creating crispy, crunchy choices for every occasion. We offer snacks like our category-creating Veggie Chips, air-popped Half Naked® Popcorn and potato chips cooked in olive oil and avocado oil. As a trailblazer in common-sense snacking, we’re passionate about making life — and good snacks — even better. That’s why we’ll never stop creating exciting new ways to help you Enjoy Being Good!®

Mi Niña

Just the best tortilla chip

Tortilleria Mi Niña® is the first authentic tortilla bakery in New England that creates tortilla chips from 100% US NON-GMO white corn, lime, and water. The corn is cooked and volcanic stone ground daily by artisans to produce the masa (corn dough) we use to make our tortilla chips.


Snacking Better Never Tasted So Good

Our healthy chips include PopCorners, FLEX Protein Crisps, and Flourish Veggie Crisps. Popped to perfection and naturally delicious, all are gluten-free, non-GMO and kosher!

Dirty Potato Chips

You Know You Want Some

Dirty chips are kettle chips with attitude. We offer bold, disruptive, trend-setting flavors with authentic ingredients and small-batch quality. So then, what’s in a name? A name like “Dirty” tells the story of the humble potato, fresh from the earth, sliced and cooked the same way it’s been done since our beginnings in 1986. We leave the skins on our potatoes and this gives them this raw, “Dirty” nature. These slices, combined with our peanut oil blend, make our chips unique in texture and taste. You know you want some…


Crispy & Crunchy!

Enjoy Stacy’s® Delicious and Crunchy Baked Chips Made From Real Pita. The Perfect Snack For When You Want To Take Time Out, Sit Back and Relax.


Healthier, lighter, & more potato-y

We give our un-fried chips a dash of the good high oleic oils. then we massage them with our favorite spices and seasonings – voila! a chip that has all the flavor, and half the fat.

Pirate Brands

Pirate’s Booty

Drop anchor and discover Pirate’s Booty®, the deliciously baked, never fried, puffed rice and corn snack made with real aged white cheddar cheese.

Real Food From The Ground Up

Delicious Plant-Based Snacks

Our snacks are made from real cauliflower & butternut squash. 100% Vegan & Gluten Free. We don’t compromise flavor. Enjoy alone or pair with your favorite dips.

Le Pain Des Fleurs

Nutrition and enjoyment

Naturally crispy! The simple, no-frills recipes of our organic gluten-free and allergen-free toasts make them nutritionally balanced, light and very digestible.

St. Michel

Made in France

A French favorite since 1905, these delicate butter cookies are a sweet snack to enjoy with tea, coffee, a jam spread or all on their own. Crafted with the freshest ingredients, these crispy biscuits are a Parisian staple.


All Natural

Galil All-Natural Rice Cakes are the perfect snack to be enjoyed by everyone. Crunchy, salty, tastey, they go with almost everything or can be enjoyed on their own. Offered in three delicious flavors, all Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Cholesterol Free, Vegan and Low-Fat.


Pure goodness! Wafer & chocolate specialities

The flavour of our wafer classics has been second to none since 1925 and they have always been extraordinarily popular. The secret of their success is based on the wafer iron, the selected natural ingredients, the loving preparation and the special recipes for the extra fine cream fillings.

Natural Nectar

The Essence of Quality Products

Natural Nectar… a growing line of finest products created to enhance your life flavorfully, sustainably, conscientiously and ecologically.


The place of the crispy crêpe in Brittany’s culinary tradition

Gavottes® in two or three steps… Unfold the golden wrapping. Unwind the dentelle and take in its gentle aroma. Fell the dentelle break into flakes against your tongue. But make sure you don’t lose any crumbs, and if you do … devour them !

Products We Carry

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