Dried Fruit

Alya Foods

Peer into our process to traditionally pollinate and harvest Deglet Nour Dates

We offer our organic Algerian Deglet Nour Dates in two sizes. One would be for yourself and the other to share with another.


Finest Mediterranean Flavors

Kartago brings you the most appreciated variety of dates in the world, the peerless Deglet Noor. Our family has been devoted, since the 19th century, to growing several varieties of thousand-year-old dates characteristic to the region.

Sunny Fruit

Tender & Juicy – Soft & Succulent

The Sunny Fruit® difference begins at the source – Izmir, Turkey. Here the perfect marriage of fertile soils and unique climate creates the most perfect dried fruits on earth. After the harvest, we meticulously sun-dry them for ideal sweetness. Packing at the source assures you consummate quality control and freshness, with nothing artificial added. You’ll taste the difference!
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