Happy Egg

Taste the joy of healthy, Happy Eggs

These tasty certified USDA Organic eggs come from farms that have been pesticide-free for at least three years and from free range flocks that receive no antibiotics. No hormones are used in egg production either! Best of all, they come from happy hens who are free to roam and play.

Vital Farms

The essential differenceBringing Ethically Produced Food to the Table

We’re on a mission to bring ethically produced food to your table. That starts with girls on grass year-round, but it doesn’t stop there! Let Vital Farms eggs, butter and ghee show you how delicious ethical food can be.

King Brother's Dairy

Pure King. Pure Local. Pure Tradition.

We love dairy farming! You might say it’s hardwired into our DNA, as the fifth generation of King Family currently farms the same land as our great-grandfather, who homesteaded our dairy in the late 1800’s. That said, it’s more than tradition and family heritage that makes us different. We approach each day thinking about how to create an environment where our employees and our kids will want to farm 100 years from now.


Bringing you a better egg, every time.

Alderfer’s is proud to offer our customers an organic option. We are Certified Organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic and the USDA National Organic Program. We also carry cage-free eggs in addition to our organic eggs. While we strive to ensure humane treatment of our hens at all of our family farms, some of them have taken on the additional process and costs of obtaining the Certified Humane certification. Eggs from these farms carry the Certified Humane label on the carton.

Heirloom Fresh

Laid on small family farm

Free range blue & brown 12 medium eggs. Grade A. One dozen. Rich amber yolks. Taste the difference.

Maple Hill


Our 100% grass-fed organic dairy products are made from pasture-raised, happy, healthy cows. We believe that the happier the cows, the better-tasting the milk. 100% grass-fed is everything you love about organic, and more. Better for us, better for cows, better for the land and better for farmers.

Califia Farms

Let’s eat, learn and love together.

We believe food must be returned to its original nourishing purpose. We do this with the power of plants and by working together for the good of the planet.
Let’s eat, learn and love together.

When it all comes together, we can be the force behind a plant-based revolution.

Products We Carry

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